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Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors -RICS

- Monday 5, March 2018 -



The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recently held seminar and cocktail hour at The Courtleigh Hotel, Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica.

Topic “The Cutting Edge of Dispute Resolution in Land, Property and Construction.” 

RICS, with its head office in London, is the world’s leading real estate body on Best Practices.

Areas covered:


Pictured from left to right: Eric Allen, Chartered Surveyor & Commissioner of Land Valuation/Director, Land Valuation Division; Doreen Buchanan, Chartered Surveyor and CEO Azanell Properties International & Dr. John Fletcher, RICS Global Director for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Dispute Resolution Services (DRS).


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