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1. Phillip Parkes Businessman

My property was on the market for over one (1) year listed by all major real estate companies banks and building societies and could not be sold until I received a call from Mrs. Buchanan who told me she heard that my house was for sale and that she could sell it. I told her no as I had had it listed with so many other real estate companies and did not want to add another one to the list.

She insisted that she could make a difference and as long as I was willing to cooperate with her she could work a miracle. Within one week of listing the property with her she called me in a meeting with a prospective purchaser to discuss the many ways in which I could come out a happy man. Three weeks later I received a Manager’s Cheque in my hand for my property and was I happy. Mrs. Buchanan is trustworthy, highly intelligent, very creative, hardworking and it is on these bases that she was able to sell my property in such a short space of time


2. Kenneth Peart Mechanical Engineer

I had always wanted the ideal house with adequate landspace to suit my need. I searched the papers tirelessly on Sundays until I came across Azanell Properties. Based on the specific questions Mrs. Buchanan asked me I had a feeling she was going to find the right property. When she called me up for viewing she explained all the attributes of the property and made me visualize it before I got there. To my surprise it was all I needed.

The ideal space for my family, my sister and my cars. Not only did she find the right home for me, she also advised me on the best way to spend my money. She has subsequently become my personal investment advisor and a true friend.